Please join Celia, who blogs over at Fig Jam and Lime Cordial, by sharing with us what is in your kitchen!  I thought this was a fun little “get to know other bloggers better” little post to participate in.  After all we spend alot of our time in each other’s kitchens as it were.

My pride and joy....Bosch mixer.

Jason got me this Bosch mixer for Christmas and I love it. It can go from whipping egg whites to kneading bread in a flash!  I used to do everything by hand or with a small electric hand blender and sometimes I still forget to use this!  Old habits die hard…..

Since you are all my friends I will let you see my messy fridge! There’s pie dough in there waiting to be made into dinner, a package of Meyer lemons waiting for inspiration,  some peppers waiting to be roasted, a half a dragon fruit and everything else!