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The Fresh from the Oven challenge this month is Croissants.  Brilliant, I thought. I’ve always wanted to make Croissants, I thought. How hard can it be, I thought…. Oh wow, for me, it was quite a mess!!!!!  BUT, I am determined to figure out where I went wrong and try again. I have some ideas of what went wrong but please, feel free to comment and give advice!

You can find the original recipe over at Lavender and Lovage. I will write it out next time, or the next, whichever time I’m successful!

It all started off so well……

A dough like any other?

I think my first mistake was to over-knead the dough.  I’ve since learned that croissant dough should not be over worked as the folding and rolling with the butter develops the gluten enough. Second mistake was using butter that was too cold (I think).

Things seemed to be going well up to this point.  Then it went downhill 😦  So sad.  Anyway, once I started rolling the layers together the hard butter in between started tearing through the dough and I ended up rolling butter.  As I got into the later layering I kept running into spots of pure butter.  The rolling pin was covered in butter, the countertop was covered in butter, I think there was butter in my hair, on my face, even in my belly button (joking but you get the point).

Butter poking through.

I’m not one to give up easily though. No, not me!  So I rolled, layered, rolled again, cut the dough into triangles, shaped them into croissants.  I was laughing like a mad woman throughout this fiasco, at this point there really was butter everywhere.  I had no idea what these would turn out like but DAMMIT I was going to make croissants!  Look at the picture below and you’ll notice that there are chunks of pure butter sticking out all over.

Look at all that butter everywhere!

So I baked them and some of them actually looked like croissants.  The taste wasn’t bad either….but they weren’t flaky, they were rather dense and kinda chewy…. but I will press on and I WILL make these again before the challenge is over and try to redeem myself!