I’ve started reading the Piere Hermes book and something struck me so much that I had to write it here….In the introduction, the author says two wonderful things. “Yet the simplest of desserst has a story behind it, one that is often distorted or erased over time.”  And later on “…it becomes clear that patisserie works in the same was as painting or literature – through imitation. Or, rather, through assimilation.”

I adore desserts and baking.  It thrills me to know when I bake bread that people have been doing this for centuries. To get my hands in the dough and feel that I’m part of a tradition.  To make a dessert that has been passed on through my family, your family, the internet…is a fabulous thing.  You can feel the love of creating something sweet to share.  Then you add your own twist….it may not always work out but it’s fun to try.  This is what I enjoy so much about reading blogs.  People love to share food.  When I have traveled to other countries and someone asks if I’ve eaten, I know it’s a form of welcome and my acceptance of their food, (whether I recognize what I’m eating or not!) is acceptance of them.  Blogs feel the same, we can’t eat together but we can share what we love and you might just feed your family from my recipe!

I’ve never understood the people who hold their “family” recipes secret.  I do understand that you want to be complimented on your food but it’s so self centered, self absorbed.  The highest compliment for me would be to see a recipe I had a hand in spread all over!  And it truly would only be “had a hand in”, I don’t think there are any truly “new” recipes at all.  Just variations, riffs as it were, on old classics. I try to share little tips I’ve learned along the way. Someone taught me after all, why not pass it on to make cooking easier?  Anyway, just some random musing. More food to come later…..

One more quote from the first page. “These desserts seem to have existed since the beginning of time, effortlessly traversing borders and centuries. Most of these recipes are so ancient that they are hard to date. Certain master pastry chefs have left their imprint on the recipes over the course of their long histories and are still associated with them today, but these chefs were not their actual inventors.”  Inspiring, we can leave our own little touches on these ancient recipes!