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What I have learned so far about the blogging world is that people are extremely generous with their recipes and advice.  So in honor of Valentine’s Day and to spread love everywhere I can I am posting a wonderful strawberry cheesecake that was kindly shared by Donna over at Sugared Pecan (You will go directly to the recipe from that link and her great blog).  Oh and did I mention that this has a pretzel crust?!  That idea was genius Donna.

Not only did I make this for me and my sweetie to enjoy but I have a friend at work who’s birthday is on Valentine’s day so the slice that is missing in my picture is hers!

Oh what a fabulous cheesecake!

I followed the directions exactly (rare for me!) except…..I had to leave before it was done so I set the oven to shut off automatically. Poor planning on my part but I wanted it to be done for Valentine’s Day. Anyway, it sat in the still warm oven for probably 1/2 hour or so before I could remove it.  It didn’t affect the taste at all, just the appearance.  As you can see the strawberry hearts sunk a bit.  Go look at her pictures for perfection!   My mother recently emailed my grandmother’s cheesecake recipe to me,  I haven’t had it in years, so I will have to make it soon and compare it to this one.  This one is amazing so…..Actually it will probably be awhile before I make grandma’s as cheesecake is so rich.