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I got a new mixer!!!! My old one was my two hands and the sometime help of a hand mixer. A 16 year old that I know commented the other day that the hand mixer was older than me.  It’s avocado green so that tells you the time frame it came from.  First things first…


Feels like Christmas all over!

 J. wanted to get me a mixer for Christmas but since I’m a fanatical researcher and want to make the right decision, this wasn’t ordered until after Christmas.  I was going to get the mixer that everyone has, the one that is pretty in red, the one that will remained un-named.  I found so many terrible reviews of it, especially if it was used for bread dough that I was at a loss.  Hobart mixers (which used to make the un-named mixer but then sold it to Whirlpool) are SUPER expensive. They are used in professional kitchens and just cost too much for a mere mortal.  I went to a well known bread making forum and looked at what these people were using.  Two names came up over and over….Bosch and the Electrolux DLX. I have a love hate relationship with all things German…it’s a long story….but their engineering is usually top notch.  I got it through a wonderful woman named Rhonda  here  who sells grain, mixers, grain mills and more.  It has a 800 watt motor and a three year warranty!!!!! Because it’s made by Germans they have thought of everything. You can buy a blender attachment, food processor, meat grinder, pasta maker and probably much more and just use this base for all that instead of having to buy heavy separate machines. Look at it!!!

Love at first site!

So needless to say I had to test it out immediately. 
I made:
Lemony Snicket banana bread.

Lemony banana!

Tortas bread (Tortas are mexican sandwiches made on these small breads).


And finally some French style bread. 


I have BIG plans for this mixer. Lots of test runs and delicio things to come out of it. I forsee a long and happy future for us.