Pink and pinker!

Uggggh.  I should have known it was begginers luck.  Attempt two of the macarons was…not so good.  Try a different recipe I thought, well if I’m completely honest it’s because my book calls for 2 egg whites and I had three in one bowl.  I hate to waste.  I had used three egg yolks for a different recipe and here I was left with three egg whites.  So like any logical person, I looked for a new macaron recipe that called for 3.  Enter Martha Stewart. I searched online and there she was with a macaron recipe that called for three egg whites!  I should have known better.  Does Martha actually, personally test her recipes?  I doubt it. So:


  •                                         1 1/4 cups plus 1 teaspoon confectioners sugar
  •                                         1 cup (4 ounces) finely ground sliced, blanched almonds
  •                                         6 tablespoons fresh egg whites (from about 3 extra-large eggs)
  •                                         Pinch of salt
  •                                         1/4 cup granulated sugar

And arrogantly I didn’t read the rest of the recipe. I know what I’m doing right?  I’ve made these all of one time before.  Nevertheless, I am confident.

I’m making vanilla flavor with eggnogg filling. ” Jason, what color should we make these?” ” Oh, Christmas red”.  So I add Christmas red food coloring paste and it’s a bit old, and it’s not mixing in properly, so I add more.  There are chunks of it in the merengue!  I try to pipe the circles and I have chunks of almond blocking the tip. Disastrous, frustration,… why do I want to make these anyway? But I persevere, how bad could it be?  On the second batch I see a big chunk of color so I mix it in, half of my macarons are light pink, half will be shocking pink.  The extra coloring must have affected the mix because these are sticking to the silicone pad and half of them are breaking up.  D*@# and other bad works escape my mouth. Jason makes a comment about bad moods. Lalala… I’m not listening!   And viola!  They taste waaaay too sweet, they have a nice chewy texture though…..back to the drawing board.